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In 1908, a legacy was started by a family named the Elliott’s. Their automotive company, Elliott’s Car Accessories, is one of Coventry’s most famous businesses and you guessed it, the previous owners of the site is where Elliott’s Yard now stands. To pay homage to the Elliott family and all they’ve done for the people of Coventry, we, NSG Developments, chose to honour them in the naming of our building, and, our Residents’ Lounge, which we’ve now named, 1908.



Elliott’s Yard


Elliott’s Car Accessories


Highfield 8 Gulson Road

For 106 years, Highfield Road stood as Coventry City F.C’s home football stadium since being built in 1899. As the first all-seater stadium in English football, the Highfield years are regarded as Coventry’s golden era, hosting the team’s most iconic win against Tottenham Hotspur in the 1987 Cup Final as their shining moment. Although the team have since moved onto new grounds, Highfield Road will always be remembered by fans as the heart of Coventry, and more importantly, its people.

Enfield 9 Gulson Road

Royal Enfield have been crafting classic motorbikes since 1901 and is now one of the oldest bike brands still in operation. They grew out of the Coventry Sewing Machine Company, first established in 1863 and have since expanded across the world for over a century. Still to this day, The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is the most popular style cruiser in India.

Starley 10 Gulson Road

James Starley, also known as ‘the father of the bicycle industry’ was an English inventor born in June 1881. After starting the Coventry Sewing Machine Company with his friend in 1861, they later started making bicycles and soon became the frontrunners of the British bicycle industry. Amongst his achievements, Starley’s most notable creations include differential gear and the perfection of the bicycle chain drive, both of which remain prominent in the design and creation of bicycles today.

Godiva Residents’ Lounge

Lady Godiva, a late Anglo-Saxon noblewoman is one of Coventry’s most famous historical figures. Her story, which was been told since as early as the 13th Century, documents her riding through the streets of Coventry naked, to protest the oppressive taxes imposed by her husband on his tenants. 

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